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Dog Spa and Grooming Facility in La Habra, CA

Dingo Pet Grooming is a place where the happiness of your pet is our priority. For just $49 per month, you can become a Dingo member and treat your pet to unlimited luxury baths and an array of other perks. When you need pet grooming services, we are your ideal destination.

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Dingo Empire: Where Luxury Meets Pet Pampering!

As part of the Dingo Empire, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent pet grooming and luxury dog spa services in a clean, modern, and luxurious environment. Our boutique dog grooming and spa club offers membership-based services and a range of high-quality retail products that focus on providing a superior experience for both you and your pet.

Stylish Pet Outfits Await!

We understand that in today's busy world, consistently providing the attention and care your pets need can be challenging. That's why you can trust our reliable and trustworthy caretakers to look after your pets when you're away. We are always prepared to cater to your pet's needs, ensuring your pet receives the love and care it deserves. At Dingo Pet Grooming, we believe in letting pups shine. Dress your furry friend in style with our adorable outfits.

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A: We also offer non member pricing! You can choose to become a member anytime you want.